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***Click here for your FREE PWS/USBMoney licence key!*** 

Licence Keys

Purchase a Licence Key for USBMoney (Multi Currency - $5) or PWSMoney (Single Currency - $3) via Kagi store 

                      Buy Now From Kagi

              Entering a Licence Key in PWS/USBMoney

FREE Laptop Security Software

Netbook Tracer - Trace stolen laptops

Portable Personal Finance (for USB sticks)

USBMoney V4.0 Build 783 (Multi Currency - 2.2MB)


PWSMoney V4.0 Build 781 (Single Currency - 2.1MB)



PWS/USBMoney CSV Usage Tutorial (MS Word ) (535KB)

PWS/USBMoney Manual Usage Tutorial (MS Word) (713KB)

Freeware Utilities

FileBackup V1.0 (228KB)


FileSearch V1.0 (153KB)


FileSplitter V1.0 (116KB)


LotteryUK (275KB)


PWSMoney & USBMoney

PWSMoney & USBMoney will run in 'Lite' mode when unregistered. This limits the program to 4 accounts & 10 categories. If this is enough for your needs then the program is free to use with free updates. If you require more than 4 accounts & 10 categories then PWSMoney & USBMoney can be upgraded to a full version for $3 or $5 + vat respectively. The full versions have no account or category limitations.

Paul Wainwright.