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'Money' started life as a personal project in 2002. I decided to write a personal finance program as I was unable to find a program on the internet that suited my needs. I wanted a small easy to use & most of all portable program. 'Money' was born & would happily run on a floppy disk!. The program was renamed to 'PWSMoney' on first release in 2005 to avoid upsetting a certain Redmond based software company. After years of enhancements I remembered the first feedback I ever got for PWSMoney, it was from China & asked 'Does PWSMoney support multi-currencies'. After some thought I decided to write USBMoney, the multi currency version of PWSMoney. As most people probably don't required multi currencies I decided to still support PWSMoney. USBMoney was first released in 2007 & has had thousands of downloads to date. Thanks for using my software.

Paul Wainwright.

PWSMoney & USBMoney

PWSMoney & USBMoney will run it 'Lite' mode when unregistered. This limits the program to 4 accounts & 10 categories. If this is enough for your needs then the program is free to use with free updates. If you require more than 4 accounts & 10 categories then PWSMoney & USBMoney can be upgraded to a full version for $3 or $5 + vat respectively. The full version has no account or category limitations.